Thinking About Taking Your Pet on Vacation? Read This First.

Some animals make perfect travel companions. They embrace new places, strangers, and a new routine remarkably well. If you’ve ever wondered about taking your awesome, laid-back, and well-behaved pet on vacation with you, we applaud your sense of adventure. There’s a lot to see and do out there, and we can help you get started toward making some blissful, pet-centric summer memories.

Take Stock

One of the best things you can do before planning your trip is assess your pet’s disposition, personality, and behavior. If they are the type to growl, hiss, jump, or bite in reaction to unfamiliar people, perhaps they should sit this one out. Likewise, many pets don’t enjoy being in cars. How will your pet handle all the constraints of traveling? Continue…

As Smooth as Ice: Winter Pet Travel and Boarding Tips

The time has come to solidify holiday travel plans, and if you’re a pet owner, this inevitably  includes planning for pets as well. Whether you’re bringing Fido along on a multi-state drive or you’re considering boarding your furry friend while you’re away, our tips for winter pet travel will help you prepare for anything.


Prepare for Take-off! What You Need to Know When Traveling with a Pet

Positano, italy AmalfitanaFor many pet families, traveling with a pet is part of the equation when it comes to vacations, and even business travel. Depending on the destination and your mode of travel, there are several, sometimes complex, considerations you must be prepared for in order to safely travel with your fur family member.

Whether you are planning a trip to a national park or jet-setting to a favorite European city with your pet, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has the recommendations to make your journey a smooth one. Continue…