Your Golden Oldie: Caring for a Senior Pet

If you have ever had the pleasure of taking care of a senior pet, you can attest to just how appreciative they are of your love. 

Our senior pets often need a bit more attention and care, and they will love you wholly and unconditionally for it. That is because, many seniors are not given the time and attention as they age, especially when a more demanding younger pet is around. Seniors are often the low-key companion.

The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital are all about senior pet love! We want to spotlight why they make a great new friend and the ins-and-outs of caring for a senior pet.


Identifying and Understanding Pain in Pets

There’s probably nothing worse than knowing your pet is experiencing pain. Pain in pets may occur after a surgery or a recent injury, such as a fracture. But did you know that many times pets may be in pain without the pet owner knowing? Cats, in particular, are adept at masking pain. Dogs, too, may exhibit their pain in ways that you don’t associate with discomfort, like personality changes or aggression. 

To better understand pain in pets, the team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to explore the mechanisms of pain and how to identify the signs.


The Wonderful World of Kids and Pets!

An estimated 4 out of every 10 children are born into families with pets, and nearly 90% will spend some portion of their childhood living with one. Indeed, children and animals just seem to go hand in hand. Beyond being an amazing learning opportunity, pets also offer children a way to connect with and be responsible for something outside of themselves. There’s also plenty that parents can do to help strengthen and deepen the bond between kids and pets.

Keeping Your Senior Pet Safe Through the Summer Months

summer pet safetyIt seems like those of us in the Northeast wait all winter for summer to arrive, only to let the heat of those dog-eat-dog days catch us off guard. With temps well into the 80’s and 90’s and high humidity, there’s no doubt that most of us – and our four-legged crew – will be relaxing in the AC or lounging poolside to cool down.

From ensuring hydration to monitoring for heat-related distress, all pet owners need to take summer safety precautions. However, when it comes to a senior pet, these fiery days can present more serious risks to health and well-being.