Your Golden Oldie: Caring for a Senior Pet

If you have ever had the pleasure of taking care of a senior pet, you can attest to just how appreciative they are of your love. 

Our senior pets often need a bit more attention and care, and they will love you wholly and unconditionally for it. That is because, many seniors are not given the time and attention as they age, especially when a more demanding younger pet is around. Seniors are often the low-key companion.

The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital are all about senior pet love! We want to spotlight why they make a great new friend and the ins-and-outs of caring for a senior pet.


Living with a Blind Pet? Solutions to Keep Them Fit and Happy

Sharing a home with a special needs pet is incredibly rewarding, but it’s not without certain challenges. To put things mildly, ensuring their safety must become the number one priority. In the case of a blind pet, attention to security and welfare must be undivided. In a way, this ironclad commitment to protect them can minimize how much fun they can experience. However, as with all aspects of responsible pet ownership, finding a balance between both worlds is key.


Looking to Adopt? Consider a Loveable Senior Pet!

Dog in Car with Sweater during SnowstormIf you have made the wonderful and caring decision to adopt a pet, you may be wondering what type of companion best fits your family. From lifestyle to home space, there are certainly many different factors that influence your decision.

As part of your process, we encourage you to consider the benefits of adopting a senior pet. While a puppy or kitten is undeniably cute, senior pets are often overlooked, despite having so much love and affection to share.


Those Happy Golden Years: Senior Pet Care 101

Old Dog at RestMost pet owners can agree that pets just don’t live long enough! Whether you have raised a pet from the time they were a puppy or kitten, or you adopted an older bundle of joy, the aging process is an inevitable part of pet ownership, and the signs of aging can almost seem to appear out of nowhere.

Older pets need extra support and consideration, but it’s possible to provide them with a happy, high-quality life. Stick with us as we tackle the ins and outs of senior pet care. Continue…