Preventing an Emergency: Brooklyn Pets in the Heat

A woman and her dog play in a public fountain

You know it’s bad when the OZY Fest and the NYC Triathlon get cancelled, but what are residents of the Burroughs supposed to do at home without fully functioning air conditioning? This summer’s power outages may have surprised few, but to be taken off the grid for repairs and maintenance is a tough pill to swallow, especially for those of us with animals to care for. 

Brooklyn pets in the heat take on their own specific safety requirements. Luckily, the strategies necessary for people to avoid heat-related illness or injury is exactly the same for the health and welfare of animals.


How Summer Pet Safety Differs From Other Seasons

summer pet safetyIt’s reasonable to apply the same care tactics throughout the year, but summer presents some unique risks to your pet. Between dangerous heat waves, there always seems to be something going on outside – a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of most animals. Add to the mix a dizzying array of travel options, and you might just need a vacation! Don’t worry, with our summer pet safety travel suggestions, you and your pet can still enjoy a good vacay together this year.