Is Winter Pet Grooming a Thing?

Winter pet grooming is part of winter pet safety

Unless you’re going to yoga regularly or have a Caribbean cruise scheduled in January, you may opt to skip your monthly pedicure. After all, your toes won’t be on public display this winter. There’s a similar thought process regarding winter pet grooming.

Sure, it makes sense to allow your pet’s coat to grow and thicken up to insulate them from the weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from some professional and personal attention this winter.


Winter Is Coming…Are You Ready For Winter Pet Care?

winter pet careNovember has arrived, and if you’re like most New Yorkers you are probably already ready for winter; the hats, coats, and boots have been pulled out, weatherproofing has been done in the home, and hot chocolate has been stocked up in the pantry. Pets need extra TLC during the colder months as well, and with our winter pet care tips, keeping furry family members warm, dry, and healthy should be a snap!