Coliving is new way of lifeThere’s much to love about Thanksgiving: the delicious food, the family time, football, maybe even the National Dog Show (which airs the weekend before!) November is the perfect month to reflect on the things we are the most grateful for in our lives, such as food, shelter, family, friends, and our pets!

There are more reasons to be thankful for pets than we can count here at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, but these five are at the of top of our list.

Why We are Thankful for Pets

  1. Pets love us unconditionally – There’s nothing like walking in the door and being greeted by a happy pet who is delighted to see you after you’ve been gone all day (or, let’s face it, even after you’ve been gone for 10 minutes). Our pets share in our joy, our sadness, and everything in-between. Indeed, nothing can compare with the love we receive from our four-legged friends.
  2. Pets keep us healthy – Studies have shown that living with pets can have numerous positive impacts on our health. Pets reduce our anxiety, lower our blood pressure, increase our immunity, and may even help us make friends or get a date! So, grab your dog and head out for a walk (a 30 minute walk every day has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease) or work up a sweat playing fetch or feather chase with your cat. Your body, and your pet, will thank you!
  3. Pets never judge us – Your pet is not concerned with how much money you make, what you look like, where you live, or if you have the latest gadget or newest car. Pets don’t look down their adorable noses at your life choices and wouldn’t dream of judging you for any reason. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?
  4. Pets make us laugh – Most of us don’t adopt a pet just so he or she can play the role of court jester in our homes, but there’s no question that pets are downright hilarious at times. Just the thought of the way your dog skids across the floor in pursuit of a fallen ice cube, or how your cat can spend an hour batting a crumpled up piece of paper down the hallway, can provoke a case of the chuckles.
  5. They will always need us – Kids grow up and leave the nest, friends move away or drift apart, neighbors and coworkers come and go, but pets are a constant, loving presence in our lives. Our pets depend on us for everything from food and shelter, to mental stimulation, entertainment, and more. In return, they provide us with countless hours of joy, laughter, fun, and snuggles. What could be better?

Your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital are grateful for your pet, and you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you soon!