Some animals make perfect travel companions. They embrace new places, strangers, and a new routine remarkably well. If you’ve ever wondered about taking your awesome, laid-back, and well-behaved pet on vacation with you, we applaud your sense of adventure. There’s a lot to see and do out there, and we can help you get started toward making some blissful, pet-centric summer memories.

Take Stock

One of the best things you can do before planning your trip is assess your pet’s disposition, personality, and behavior. If they are the type to growl, hiss, jump, or bite in reaction to unfamiliar people, perhaps they should sit this one out. Likewise, many pets don’t enjoy being in cars. How will your pet handle all the constraints of traveling?

Feel free to make an appointment for a general wellness exam for help with this. Should your pet be ready for travel, we can update any necessary vaccinations, renew parasite prevention, and make sure they are microchipped before you leave. Airlines and hotels require proof and documentation of your pet’s good health, and any of our staff members can assist you with a health certificate.

Once You Know, Go!

Getting all your ducks in a row can be a challenge when taking your pet on vacation. Once you’ve crossed off all the prerequisites, you need to decide where to go. May we suggest:

  • Beach – There’s no shortage of coastline on the northeastern seaboard, but if you’ve already “been there, done that”, go west. San Diego and Huntington Beach in California are well known for their pet welcoming beach culture. Lake Tahoe gives you gorgeous beaches paired with mountainous hikes.

Prefer to head south? Key West or Sanibel Island in Florida are perfectly tranquil locales for pets and their people to relax. Or, simply stay closer to home and visit Asbury Park, New Jersey, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Bar Harbor, Maine, or the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York.

  • Mountains – Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains give you endless views and loads of pet friendly cabins. For a taste of luxury, the Ritz Carlton in Avon, Colorado offers doggy room service and canine massages and grooming in the spa. Chittenden, Vermont has lots of outdoor activities for you and your pet alongside an alpine lake. Not just for winter! Red Mountain Resort in Utah also has pet-centric programs available.
  • Cities – Scottsdale, Arizona ranks number one as the most pet friendly city in the U.S., but San Francisco is number one on the dog-centric outdoor circuit. Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington D.C. are also top contenders.

Leaving with Your Pet on Vacation

Have you ever thought about taking your pet on vacation without leaving the burroughs? Check out the furry friendly features at The Muse Hotel, The Benjamin, or the Hotel Pennsylvania for a pet friendly staycation.

Lastly, if you need to get out of town but your pet cannot accompany you, we’re happy to help you decide between boarding or pet sitting in your own home. Both options have benefits; it just depends on your pet.

If you have additional questions about taking your pet on vacation with you, please let us know!