If you are a puppy, the answer is always to chew! And, as a pet owner, if you don’t provide appropriate, pet-friendly options for your bundle of joy to teeth on, chances are your dog will find something on their own. 

When it comes to puppy teething toys, it is important to choose safe options that are effective and attractive to your pet. Among the options out there it can be difficult to decide. Not to worry, though.  Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to help you choose.  

Virtues of Good Puppy Teething Toys

If you run a search on puppy teething toys, the options you have are absolutely overwhelming. How is a pet owner to sort through them all? 

You can actually cross quite a few off of the list of options by knowing what you are looking for. When choosing a chew toy, you always want to be sure that they meet a few basic criteria:

  • The appropriate size for your pet (i.e. not small enough to end up in your dog’s throat, but not so large they can’t get a handle on it)
  • It does not have small parts that can be chewed off
  • Made of non-toxic materials, ideally in the U.S.A.
  • Do not have single air holes that can create suction
  • No stuffing or squeakers to be chewed out
  • Soft enough to avoid hurting/damaging teeth

Play should always be supervised, and in general it is best to avoid toys intended to be eaten as puppies are still learning how to coordinate their actions. They also may have delicate gastrointestinal tracts that could be upset by consuming a chew item. 

Options to Consider

Your puppy has 42 teeth coming in between around four and six months of age. Of course you want something for them to chew on. Many options exist, and while we always recommend supervision while chewing, here are a few of our favorites:

Chewing puppies often need physical and mental stimulation. Be sure that you are spending time each day interacting and exercising your puppy. Don’t forget to mix things up, too! Make sure to rotate toys so your pet doesn’t get bored.

Choosing the best puppy teething toys can be overwhelming, but with a little knowledge, you can find a great option for almost any dog. Don’t forget, we are just a phone call away if you need any help.