We were able to diagnose and cure a condition that would have proven fatal without medical intervention. What a wonderful thing for her and her family.


Chikis is a 1 year old 16 lb unspayed female dog. Her owner brought her in to us because she was listless for two days and her urine was reddish. On examination Chikis seemed generally painful and her gums were pale. Initial blood tests showed very regenerative anemia (making many new red blood cells), icteric serum (yellow serum with an elevated bilirubin) and hemoglobin in her urine. Here is a radiograph (X-ray) of Chikis. Double click the image below to open it in another window with the correct proportions.


What do you think her problem is and why did she become anemic? What did we do to cure her?

This is type of case we live for as veterinarians.

The first person to correctly diagnose the problem will earn a free examination/office visit. We will post the rest of the story in a few weeks.


This is what Chikis swallowed. It’s the pennies that were the problem. Mixed with the stomach acids zinc leaches from the pennies and is absorbed into the blood stream. The zinc causes the red blood cells to break (hemolyze) and the patient became anemic. We ended up removing the pennies surgically from the stomach and administering a blood transfusion to save Chiki’s life.  Congratulations to our winners!