A Goldendoodle puppy is poised to do his business on the side grass of a sidewalk

We love our pets, but we don’t necessarily love their messes. However, when it comes to scooping the poop our pets deposit, “doodie” calls. It’s important to plan and pay attention to this responsibility of pet ownership, and Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital explains why. 

Scooping The Poop

Keeping dog waste off the ground not only helps keep our environment cleaner and more pleasant for others, it can also prevent disease. Here are the top reasons for scooping the poop:

Dog waste is an environmental pollutant – Whether poop is deposited on city streets, beaches, or a backyard lawn, dog waste is an environmental pollutant

It can make people sick – Dog waste often contains bacteria and parasites that can make those that come into contact with it sick. Children especially are at risk, as they often play on the ground and tend to be indiscriminate with what goes into their mouths. 

It can make other dogs sick, too – When pets become sick, contagions typically pass in their stool. The longer the waste stays on the ground, the more serious the contagion becomes. Dogs that come in contact with these infectious stools can catch infections over and over again. 

It’s not fertilizer – Unlike herbivores, dogs eat largely animal products. This makes their stool unsuitable for soil improvement, and can actually deplete soil quality if left on the ground.

It doesn’t just disappear – Bacteria, worms, and parasites thrive in pet waste. Eventually, they will break down in the soil and wash into the water supply. Roundworm is a common parasite that can live in the soil and water for years, and has health and safety implications for pets and people alike. 

Rodents love pet waste – Dog poop is a prime food source for rats and other rodents in developed city areas. Ew! These are unwelcome neighbors in any area, and can easily become unmanageable, causing property values to decrease and expense to eliminate them. 

A yucky mess – Nothing ruins a walk, run, or stroll through the neighborhood like a pile of dog poop in your path. Don’t be the one who leaves this for others to deal with. Basic manners dictate that we all scoop the poop of our furry pals.

There Is No Poop Fairy

Although we may wish for it, there is no poop fairy to clean up after our wonderful pets. As such, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re scooping the poop on a regular basis. 

When out and about, the easiest way to make sure we accomplish this is to carry waste baggies everywhere we go. Stash some in the car glove compartment, the stroller caddy, and even on your dog’s leash. Many parks and public spaces have dog bag dispensers, but you never know when their stores may be depleted, so it’s always smart to bring your own. 

While you’re at it, check out these biodegradable bags You could also look into a green pet waste composting service, such as this one in Portland, OR. 

If you have any questions about your dog’s health and well being, please don’t hesitate to call your team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital