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Health Certificates
for Smooth Traveling With Your Park Slope Pet

Traveling with your pet—both domestically and internationally—takes special planning and preparation. Be sure to check with your destination for any special pet requirements well in advance of your trip, and call us to schedule time for any necessary paperwork, examinations, or testing prior to your departure.

International Travel

Most countries require that special documents be completed by a veterinarian and accompany a pet when you arrive at a foreign destination. Most of the time, these requirements are simple to fulfill, but other times it is fairly complicated. You must first research the requirements for your destination, and then, with your pet, bring these documents to Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital along with all prior veterinary records.

The USDA-accredited veterinarians at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital will review the forms, carry out the necessary tests, perform any necessary pre-travel treatments, and complete the required forms for you. Not every veterinarian on staff has USDA accreditation, so ask to see the appropriate USDA-accredited veterinarian when you make an appointment.

Requirements at foreign destinations may include
  • Specific health certificate documents for a particular country
  • Proof that vaccinations are current
  • Microchip identification, which may be either a 10- or 15-digit microchip, depending on the country’s standard
  • Blood tests for infectious diseases and rabies titers that are below or above a minimum level
  • Treatments for external and internal parasites given within a day or two of travel
  • Completion of tests or procedures as long as 6 months prior to travel
  • A certificate of acclimation and a health certificate for the airline carrier

Because there are hundreds of countries, each with different and often changing requirements, we do not know the requirements for each country. You must contact the authorities of the country you are traveling to and ask them to provide you with the necessary information and forms that need to be completed prior to arrival in their country. Often this information can be obtained on the Internet and printed out to prior to your arrival at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital.

Domestic Travel

Requirements for domestic travel by airplane within the United States usually require that a current health certificate be presented to the airline, which can be completed by any veterinarian on staff.

General Travel Information

Make sure your pet has a collar with your contact information tag attached should he or she escape. An additional identification safeguard is to have a registered microchip implanted in case the tag falls off. If your pet is in an enclosed carrier, he or she will need to be removed temporarily from the carrier during the security check. To prevent escape, always secure your pet with a leash to a collar when not in a the carrier.

We generally do not recommend sedation or tranquilizers for pets that travel. Discuss this with the veterinarian when your pet is examined.

We wish you safe and happy travels.